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How Much Does Painting A Home Increase Its Value?

When it comes to selling a property, first impressions matter. Chipping, fading and peeling paint can send the wrong message to prospective home buyers and turn them away. If you want to sell your home, consider painting the property before putting it on the market.

Painting your home is a great way to give your home a makeover and increase value. This will make your property more attractive to prospective buyers and you may be able to close the deal sooner than you expected.

Deciding which color to paint your home can be difficult. Most homeowners find it difficult balancing the task of choose a color that is appealing to all, while still maintaining their home’s character. If you need assistance choosing the right color for your home that will add value and charm a potential buyer, it’s time to talk to the pros at Diamond Painting. Our team has compiled a list of some of the most popular colors to help narrow down the color choosing processes for your residential painting project.


Many residential painters recommend painting the kitchen, living room, exteriors and bathroom white. Painting different areas in your home white is a great way to brighten up your property.

White makes spaces look and feel bigger and more inviting. To make your property more appealing to prospective buyers, stick to warm white colors. You can also choose from cool or neutral undertones.

Light Blue

Shades of light blue are soothing and evoke clarity. A 2021 study by Zillow found that light blue was the most popular color to paint a bathroom and can increase the value of a home by $5,000 or more.
Light blue is a neutral color. It conveys feelings of serenity and peace. Painting the bathroom light blue can create a relaxing space, resulting in increased home value. It is a great way to make your bathroom look inviting, comfortable, cozy, and spacious.


Greige is a color between gray and beige. Greige evokes a feeling of class and sophistication. When used correctly, greige can make a home feel warm and welcoming. Repainting your living room greige or any other neutral color can increase your home’s value by $2,000.


Paint your living room, kitchen, or bedroom cream to freshen it up. Many painters recommend using light cream colors on the interior walls to bring warmth, richness, and interest to the interior of a home.

Need help choosing the right color palette for your home? Diamond Painting has got you covered. Our team of expert residential painter near you in Santa Rosa can help you make the best color decision based on your home’s specific needs. Our pros have extensive experience managing new construction painting and repainting projects. To learn more, call (808) 344-8899.