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Should You Paint the Interior of Your Home in the Winter?

Many homeowners reject the idea of painting their homes in winter. Contrary to popular belief, painting a house in winter is not a bad idea. In fact, it makes more sense to paint in winter, as the conditions are right for house painting. Moreover, if you plan your project in advance, you may be able to save money on house painting.

As a leading painter in the Healdsburg area, the professionals at Diamond Painting know the tricks of the trade that many homeowners don’t. One trick not many know is that winter is the best time to paint the inside of your home. The following are just a few reasons why you should plan to paint the interior of your home this winter.

Low Humidity

High humidity is a recipe for disaster. It can cause paint to crack, peel or chip. As a result, your paint job may not last as long as you expected. During the winter months, humidity levels drop, allowing paint to stick and adhere properly to surfaces. If you paint your house on a hot and humid summer day, your paint may not get the chance to dry evenly and may peel, crack or blister prematurely.

You Will Have More Options When Choosing a Contractor

When homeowners think of home improvement, they think of the summer months. This is one of the main reasons why home painters are booked out through the months of summer. If you want the advantage of having more contractors to choose from for your project, look in the winter months. If you plan strategically for an interior painting project in winter, you should not face difficulty finding a reputable and dependable contractor.

Painters in Healdsburg and elsewhere are more willing to offer discounts in winter, which means you are more likely to find a great deal in winter than in summer. With fewer projects to manage, your contractor will devote their full attention and time to your project and will make sure that it is completed on time.

House Painting in Winter Improves Moods

If you struggle to stay productive through the bleak winter months, you’re not alone. Winter blues can make one feel “down and out.” A fresh coat of paint does not just add character to the house, but also improves the mood of the occupants of the house. Beat the winter dread with a fresh coat of paint. To paint the walls of your home, use vibrant colors such as yellow, orange or red.

In addition, what better time to spruce up your home for the holidays than with a fresh coat of paint? If you are entertaining guest this holiday season, have your space revitalized by one of Healdsburg’s finest painting contractors at Diamond Painting.

Paint May Dry Faster

As discussed, in winter, the air holds less moisture. When the relative humidity is low, the rate of evaporation increases and paint dries faster. Before painting your interior, open all doors and windows and switch on your central heating to speed up the paint drying process. The paint layer on your furniture and walls may take a day or two to dry. If you want to dry it faster, use a cool setting on your hair dryer.

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