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Tips For Painting Your Business

Painting your property is a big decision. Painting projects can cause disruptions. Before you embark upon your new project, create a project plan that aims to minimize disruption to your customers and ensure their safety and well-being. An effective plan ensures work is done right the first time.

Here are some tips to ensure your next large scale commercial painting projects is smooth sailing.

Planning Your Project so Your Business is not Affected

You may think it is better to close your business temporarily during cleaning and painting, however, if you plan your project with a painting company in Sonoma County, you may be able to keep your business operational during this period. You can schedule painting work to be done after business hours to prevent inconvenience to your staff and customers.

If this is not possible, you can adjust your restaurant hours. This will allow your contractor’s team to deliver your project on-time. If you own a hotel or motel and want to paint a particular section of your building, with proper planning, you can still accept bookings.

There are several hazards encountered when painting. Consider isolating the areas being painted to keep your staff and guests safe. Reopen these areas once your paint dries. After you have opened an area, start painting another area.

Precautions to Follow

Old buildings contain lead-based paint. Never scrape or sand lead-based paint or you may run the risk of lead poisoning or exposure. Use ladders appropriately. Remove items from the area to be painted.

To avoid making a mess, use a canvas or drop cloth to cover your floors.

When sanding or scraping, wear gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask. Make sure anyone who is supposed to use products containing chemical solutions wears rubber gloves, safety goggles, and an approved respirator. Keep paints away from heat sources. Before starting to paint an area, make sure it is amply ventilated

Cover all exposed electrical outlets with painter’s tape. Learn to dispose of paint safely. If you are using latex paint, allow the container to dry completely before disposing of it. Clean brushes and rollers with environmentally-friendly solvents. Store leftover paint in a dry location. Keep the can upside down or air may enter the container.

When hiring a professional commercial painter, ask about the prep work they will do to stage the project before they begin painting. Ask your professional if there are any additional recommended steps that you as a business owner should take beforehand. With the years of experience, your painting company will have worked on similar projects in Oahu, HI, and may have some recommendations based on their experience.

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