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What is the Best Season For Your Commercial Painting Project?

There are several benefits of painting your commercial property. A fresh coat of paint can improve its curb appeal, increase its value, and add character to your property. The right color can improve employee productivity and morale.
As the leading commercial painting company near Santa Rosa, our team at Diamond Painting is commonly asked, “When should I paint my property?” To help you determine the best season to paint your property, our team of experts has provided how to take advantage of each season for your commercial painting needs.

Painting in Winter

There are several reasons to paint in winter. During the winter, humidity levels drop, allowing the paint to stick and adhere properly to surfaces. Because of the humidity levels, paint may dry faster in winter.

In addition, winter marks the off-season for commercial painters near you in Oahu, so you should not face any challenges finding a reputable painting contractor who can dedicate time to your project.

With fewer projects to manage, your contractor will devote their full attention and time to your project.

Summertime Painting

There are several perks of summertime painting. Because paint dries quicker in summer, you can apply multiple coats on the same day.

Warm temperatures can thin out the paint. As a result, it becomes easier to mix. Days are longer in summer, so you will have more time to finish your paint job.

Fluctuating temperatures can affect the paint finish. Luckily, Santa Rosa’s weather in the summer rarely gets too hot to cause any problems.

Painting in Fall

During fall, the air is cool, which means you won’t be painting in direct sunlight all day. High temperatures can cause paint to dry unevenly. You can avoid this problem by painting your commercial property in the fall.

In addition, it is less likely that rain will play spoilsport. Low humidity levels during fall mean that the paint has a better chance to dry correctly and bond to the surface.

Painting in Spring

In spring, temperatures in Santa Rosa are neither too hot nor too cold. As a result, paint cures faster and more properly.

In addition, your commercial painter will be better able to spot any damage that has occurred during the winter months and help you determine the repairs that need to be carried out before painting.

Weather conditions can largely affect the overall quality of a paint job. It is, therefore, very important that you choose the right season to paint your commercial property. Whether the weather, when deciding when to hire a painting contractor for your commercial project near Santa Rosa, call on the pros at Diamond Painting.

Diamond Painting is a reputable painting contractor near you in Santa Rosa. Our painters have a deep understanding of how the temperature can affect paint performance and longevity and can help you determine the best time of the year for painting. For an estimate on your next commercial painting project, call (808) 344-8899.